Drx Team Roster

King zone dragonx was created on 7 january 2018 when they acquired longzhu gaming s roster and lck spot.

Drx team roster. Drx is a professional esports organization based in south korea. Drx e statistics roster and history. Drx r world ranking ranking details.

Drx regional ranking sea oceania ranking details. Drx r stats on 2020 09 07. Drx statistics roster and history.

They rebranded to dragonx in october of 2019 and then renamed to drx in june of 2020. With 14 unique champions played throughout the lck summer split regular season doran has one of the most versatile champion pools in the world and could raise eyebrows with his lock ins during worlds 2020. Drx r regional ranking sea oceania ranking details.

Drx is a korean team. It has teams competing in league of legends clash royale and honor of kings. Gamepedia s league of legends esports wiki covers tournaments teams players and personalities in league of legends.

Information about drx enjoy lol. Drx stats on 2020 09 28. Liquipedia league of legends.

Doran pyosik quad chovy deft keria. Team drx rookie did not earn any rating points. They were previously known as kingzone dragonx and dragonx.

Not enough data to compile statistics for the drx rookie. The league of legends division of drx competes in the league of legends champions korea lck while its honor of kings division competes in the korea king pro league krkpl. Drx essentially rely on doran to be the immovable rock for the team picking whatever champion suits the composition and holding his lane even when bombarded with ganks and roams.

Team drx rookie did not earn any rating points.

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