Drx Spectralite Faceware Pro Mask

Inspired by dr dennis gross professional in office lasers this medical grade mask is lined with the most powerful anti acne blue.

Drx spectralite faceware pro mask. Distilling the very on trend beauty treatment of led light therapy into an easy to use take home version the faceware pro mask is made up of 162 leds. Dennis gross skincare spectralite eyecare pro a home skin care device for smoothing the crow s feet i have recently become obsessed with eliminating made me see myself in a. Dennis gross s fda cleared spectralite faceware pro mask uniquely lies directly on top of the skin and conforms to all contours of the face to treat years in minutes with zero downtime.

Dennis gross launched the drx spectralite faceware pro a futuristic hands free acne mask that s also said to treat fine lines and wrinkles. Dennis gross skincare drx spectralite faceware pro during the holiday sale. The drx spectralite faceware pro looks like something out of blade runner.

And it s looking bright. When it comes to safety and efficacy for led masks the most important differentiating factor is design. I got this dr.

Like having a daily professional light therapy session at home dr dennis gross drx spectralite faceware pro is the three minute at home innovation that is the future of skin care. A combination of 100 light emitting diodes in red mode 62 led lights in blue mode work together to smooth wrinkles diminish discoloration and clear acne for a beautiful youthful complexion. Dennis gross s fda cleared spectralite faceware pro mask is a led mask offering professional light therapy at the comfort of your home.

Spectralite faceware pro from dr. Dennis gross skincare drx spectralite faceware pro. An impressive 162 led lights both red and blue combine in this product to destroy acne causing bacteria and boost collagen production.

This futuristic looking mask claims to stimulate collagen production with red led lights kill acne causing bacteria with blue led lights and smooth wrinkles diminish discoloration and clear acne with a combination of 100 lights in red mode 62 lights in blue mode all in just 3 minutes. The patented design of dr. None of this put a dent in my curiosity when dr.

It contains 162 lights for stimulate calligraphies and prevent breakout. I use it daily on my face neck and my right hand for 3 minutes each. This extremely futuristic mask uses five kinds of light emitting diodes leds to treat skin all while making you look like the latest member of daft punk.

100 red consisting of infrared deep red light red and amber lights and 62 blue. What else you need to know. But the newest launch the drx spectralite tm faceware pro 435 promised to be even more straightforward.

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