Drx Nr

7 1 discontinuous reception for paging.

Drx nr. Specify how long ue should remain on after the reception of a pdcch. In fact dr s k tan could well be called the grandfather of aesthetics a pioneer in the scene in singapore even before aesthetics beauty was popular. The ue monitors one paging occasion po per drx cycle.

Case 2. The duration of on time within one drx cycle drx inactivity timer. The mac entity may be configured by rrc with a drx functionality that controls the ue s pdcch monitoring activity for the mac entity s c rnti cs rnti int rnti sfi rnti sp csi rnti tpc pucch.

This is calculated by the subframe time and longdrx cyclestartoffset ondurationtimer. The duration of one on time one off time. The ue may use discontinuous reception drx in rrc idle and rrc inactive state in order to reduce power consumption.

Don t be too hurry trying to understand everything at a time and read think on small pieces and analyze the protocol log when available whenever you have chance. 5g nr ue mac procedures discontinuous reception drx 38321 3gpp nr release 15. This value does not explicitely specified in rrc messages.

38304 3gpp nr release 15. It starts monitoring the pdcch channel discontinuously in other words ue is in sleep and wake cycle. In this option lte is used as the control plane anchor for nr and both lte and nr are used for user data traffic user plane.

I would take around an year to get the understandings on the details of this single message to a certain degree and you would need to keep learning further details and new things throughout the whole life cycles of 5g nr. Arfcn frequency conversion for 5g nr lte umts gsm. Nr ues devices on the other hand may not be centered on the carrier frequency and each nr device may have its dc located at different locations in the carrier bandwidth as per configure bwp unlike lte where all the devices typically have the dc coinciding with the center of the carrier thus having special handling of the dc subcarrier would be inconvenient in nr and instead it was.

Arfcn frequency conversion for 5g nr lte umts gsm. Only long drx cycle is configured and a pdcch is received during a cycle you will notice the real on time may get extended depending on drx inactivity timer and when the pdcch is. Only long drx cycle is configured and no pdcch is received during the cycle.

En dc eutra nr dual connectivity option 3 represents a network having both lte and nr radio access but using only the epc core of lte to route the control signals. Before we go into further detail let me give you a couple of figures that would help your understanding. Case 1.

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